Monday, March 20, 2006

What me blog?

I know, you are probably laughing.. Mary? a blogger? Well, here's how it happened...
Since I am so often asked, "what do you do?" or "what kind of art are you working on these days?" or "where do you show your art?" , I decided it would be cool if I could just direct people to a site.. I had read somewhere that blogging was an easy way to go, ( as opposed to a web site) so Jesse (my son) set this up for me in an amazingly short period of time this morning..
I am not sure yet how I want to go about doing it, hopefully I can just post what I am working on and it will come out ok.. And since I have little patience for spending long periods of time in front of the computer, I am not sure exactly how this will work...or in this moment why am I doing this anyway.. oh well, so what?!?!
One step at a time.

I'm going to try this

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