Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving on...

I have been on the proverbial plateau for a while, not inspired by much and not painting., although thinking I "should." HOWEVER, a change is in the air.. Could it be spring? The rainy days? An inspiring visit to San Francisco galleries ?  In any case, here are my latest offerings:

Along with glassy water, which is my idea of heaven, I am strongly drawn to the moving energy in the water that produces a swell which eventually turns into a wave.. "Pulse" is inspired by that energy..

"pulse" oil/canvas, 18"x36"  2012


"On the move" is a reworking of "horizon". I had been looking at "horizon" for some time now and although I was happy with it when I finished it in 2008, I had developed an uneasy relationship with it in the past few years.. (it worked as a study, but not as a large painting anymore) So, I decide to let it talk to me and see what was needed, willing to sand the whole piece and start over.. Figured I could always dump it if I ruined it.. Got ride of the horizon line first and added a fog bank that had caught my eye in the water a few weeks before .. that changed from a bank of fog to the way the fog feels when it is almost upon me, but not gazing into the unknown... added some foam in the foreground and more texture in the water.. I am happy with it now and feel like I am trying to spot something as I gaze into the fog.. So it never gets tiring.. Fog more "impressionistic" than my normal style of painting..

"on the move"  oil/canvas   2008-2012

"Horizon" ( as is this painting no longer exists)