Thursday, December 13, 2007


An artist friend casually mentioned that maybe it was time for me to move away from the calm glassy images I have been working with for so long. Not that I am in any way finished exploring the subject, but I decided to branch out. I had been entertaining the idea of painting wave spray/foam in oil for a while, but frankly, it is a daunting project. As I finished my recent foam drawing, I felt almost warmed up. After I picked an image that I liked, I then proceeded to find all sorts of distractions to keep me from taking that first step. but here it is.. The underpainting for the foam painting. Up until today, I have been putting off painting over it, I actually liked the looseness and drawing-like quality of the paint. ( hmmm, maybe I should be paying attention to something here) But alas, it will be lost and I may totally ruin the whole thing. So here's a photo before it changes..