Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The obvious question...

What is the color of water?

the color of water?  #1  24"x30"  oil on canvas

This question has been my companion since I first opened a tube of paint and attempted to paint the element I adore and spend so much time in... I know, I know, water technically is clear, and reflects it's surroundings, but still....the beginning of a more methodical exploration perhaps? Especially in relation to pigments. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grey Morning

"grey morning"  9"x12" oil on board

Ultimately I am drawn to black and white. Especially after the past little diversion of "glorious eyes"

Friday, September 03, 2010

Two more...

Smaller pieces, can be rotated any way you want... these were shot with a top light and are a little bright on the top...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Different marks on paper

A friend gave me a huge sheet of paper, beautiful thick yummy amazing paper, at least 10 years ago, if not more.. As a paper hoarder, I have been saving it, waiting for the right opportunity to use it..It has been rolled up in the closet, stored under the bed, and hung on the wall, accumulating all sorts of nicks, scratches, cobwebs and cat hair along the way.. And then the right image finally appeared.. 
About the image: I saw some Aboriginal artwork a few years ago in a magazine by a elderly woman named Gloria and was immediately attracted to the technique of white brush strokes on black and the exciting combination or form, light, and movement.. So I finally decided to just go for it and try it myself...
Because I couldn't paint it on my wall easel (not rigid enough) I ended up working on my hands and knees in my small studio, placing a piece of shelving across the paper to kneel on... Once the general image was done, I hung it on the easel and worked on bringing it to life.. It was so much fun and has opened up many new possibilities...as well as reminding me just how much I love black and white! 
I have called it "Glorious eyes" -a play on "Gloria's eyes", homage to the inspiring woman who sparked this work in the first place..
"Glorious Eyes"  acrylic on paper 48"x75"

Monday, August 09, 2010

Impulse post

I have been in the limbo between paintings, actually it is more like purgatory or the bardo....A familiar and very unpleasant space to occupy...What do I do next??? My head is filled with all the images I want to do and because none in particular stands out, I end up doing nothing and just "wasting time" ... Hmmm , maybe the point is to do nothing and to be ok with it... I have read that this plateau, although unpleasant and dull, is often a necessary step along the way...
 There are a few painting ideas, and even more not-so-serious painting projects... like painting an old surfboard top, painting on driftwood, painting a graffiti-like image on our garage door before we get a new one...then, working in my art journal, continue with  "faces" sketches I have been doing to see if I have a particular style that is obvious, as I am so influenced by what is "out there"..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Updated website


Sunday, July 11, 2010

A two month process, with interruptions.

"Giving way to Light"
oil on canvas 48"x48" (This is the second largest canvas I have painted..The other was 48" x 60")

 The process goes something like this:
1. choose photo to work from
2. grid photo and canvas and transfer as an underpainting in a wash of raw umber or something similar. This is often the most exciting part of the process as I watch the image appear on canvas. I also love the loose "drawing-like" slightly crude quality.
3. Start applying color.
4. agonize over color..do I want it to actually look realistic? This so far has been impossible, but it keeps driving me.
5. Mom visits from Maryland. Spend time with her. I paint only sporadically.
6. Daughter graduates from college, spending time at home before and after before she disappears to Papua New Guinea for the summer. Time to be with her. I paint only sporadically.
7. Life quiets down. By now I seem to have lost my momentum and can't remember what colors I used and where.. I start plugging away, but with none of the intensity of the beginning.
8. Painting too big to see properly in my small studio.
9. Take painting outdoors where I immediately see all the spots in it that need adjusting. Fix them.
10. Finished! Take photos for blog.
11. See in photos all the spots that don't work.. I am impatient.
12. Fix the spots.
13. Proclaim it is as good as it can get without ruining it. Take new photos, which NEVER depict the true color.
14. I am SO DONE!
15. Blog time

This process took place over about 2 months..I wasn't painting all the time and I try to keep track of my hours...but once the process gets interrupted, I start to loose interest or just forget to do it. (People are always asking how long it takes to paint something like this..

I am planning on updating my website as soon as I have a good day for outdoor photos and a good camera. Soon I hope!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Monday, May 03, 2010

Giving Way To Light

"Giving Way To Light"  oil , 36"x36"

Yet another professional photography session... and I wonder why the color is always off. Will take more care for the website...

Onto the next painting!  More water!!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Taking a break to go surfing for 3 days...

Yesterday I was ready to throw a bucket of red, no, orange paint at the bottom half of this painting...Oddly enough, when I am NOT painting, the solutions seem to come to me.. or at least a way of engaging with the challenge at hand... It is not finished, but I wanted to post it anyway, am going surfing for a few days and hopefully the mind will be able to see it clearly when I return... 
Below are the first two stages... somehow I thought the violet glaze would do something to the color.. but I think I put on too much paint for it to actually work.. Sure wish I knew what I was doing.. will I ever?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New surfboard.. art!

Since I now have a website for my paintings, I thought I would be more relaxed about posting here..

This is my new surfboard, shaped by John Moore of Mystic Surfboards in Santa Cruz. He worked with me to produce this beautiful longboard, for how and where I surf... My input was providing the art and the design/color for what I wanted it to look like.... took me almost a year of thinking about it...as well as quite a bit of time designing and finishing the art..I am not one of those spontaneous "just draw it on the board" types. I have to plan, sketch, do life size studies.. lots of work. Needless to say it looks exactly perfect!
Not only is really fun to ride but now I can really tell if I am on the nose, or not!

When I am riding it, it looks like I am on a giant dreamsicle or 50/50 bar.. Yummy!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back in the groove... I hope!

Yet again I was knocked out of my "painting groove" ... Lighting installation, the holidays, the surf trip in January, various projects, other things in life, lack of energy (except for surfing) , distracted mind... lots of lame excuses... I did manage to actually finish two paintings:

(No title yet, any ideas?) 18"x36" oil on canvas

"Return" 16"x20" oil on masonite.

A big swell last weekend ( 40'+ waves for the Mavericks contest) ) washed all sorts of driftwood up on the beach..I was like a kid in a candy store! Fortunately, this is all I wanted to carry. I notice yet again that the garage door really needs painting, and hey... I'm a painter... but think I will start with painting stuff on the driftwood... when it dries out... ( setting up for "Return" photo)

My husband built a box to support my son's computer monitor, so it would be at eye level... Beautiful wood and my contribution to this birthday gift was to paint the front drawer. Originally, I was going to have some wood showing (see below) but, well, I just got carried away... Kinda hypnotic, painting all those lines. It is just a perfect resting place for this reclining Buddha... Hopefully Brock will build another one just for it.

In preparation for painting the box.. lots of experiments, acrylic on wood.. above is just one...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Monday, January 04, 2010


My son Jesse built me a website for a Xmas gift. I cried! He is so amazing and generous with his time and talent...Yeah! I will post a link on this blog as soon as it is ready.. It is being fine tuned now.
I am heading to Costa Rica for a surf vacation and when I return I am really looking forward to getting back to the studio and working! (makes coming back not so hard.. it's only hard returning to cold water.)