Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Room of my own

I  am honored to be included in a show with two other local artists who also are interested in water.  This is the first time I have had more than 3 pieces in a show, and I have a room all to myself.  My husband helped me install the show last week and I am very pleased with the way it looks..
Check out willnoble.com and nelsonhee.com to see their beautiful work. 

                               A late addition, "dark sea" Painted almost totally from memory.
"Dark Sea" 16"x20", oil on canvas 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dry Spell

 The relaxing break I decided to give myself after #100, turned into a long stretch of not painting. No inspiration, no desire, no discipline.. Trying to be patient with it and see what it's all about.  Maybe I'm done? The last time I felt like this I stopped the pastel paintings I had been doing for ten years or so,  tried a lot of different things, and then water appeared.. first in the form of drawing, then acrylics, then oils. Hence a body of work.
Most of my paintings are seeking to understand water,  based on what I am constantly exposed to. A few "surfy" paintings , because I love seeing people in the water.  A lot of  trying to capture how I feel when I encounter chin dropping beauty.  I also don't like to repeat the same images, which really limits me. I like being surprised, astonished. 
So I finished this little painting this week.. Maybe I am tumbling too.. hopefully that means moving forward, and maybe even reforming.. Guess I will find out. Stay tuned. 

"holy roller"  oil/panel 8"x10" 

Monday, April 21, 2014


Just completed my one hundredth painting ( of water) ..  Am including background on the is to show scale. Makes me want go surfing again tomorrow.. at dawn..

4'x4'  oil/canvas

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just a second!

"in motion"   24"x24"  oil/canvas

Shaving creme? Cool Whip? Beaten egg whites?

Only a split second of early morning light hitting the foam left by waves crashing against a rocky shore.  I see these shapes all the time when I am in the water, and especially love the light of early mornings. As I study them I see the same forms appear over and over, the "pyramid" being one of them.  Trying to work a composition into something that is chaotic, unbalanced, and turbulent and constantly in motion.  Total opposite of the calm glassy waters I love so much.


 Finished this a while back but haven't been able to shoot good pics.. weather too nice!  So will make do with these. Even with the annoying uneven tones.

"Presence" was a continuation of a study of this amazing glassy blue water done from the POV of being practically at the water level.  I painted these on smooth hard surfaces, the most recent being some kind of metal. I love the smooth surface and it felt so appropriate for these paintings. I would love to paint a series of those, and just hang them at eye level around a room so one has the feeling of being in the water.. Maybe a shower head on the ceiling, sound of waves piped into speakers.. in the desert, a booth/art experience in burning man.. whoa, got carried away.. still...

"presence" 16"x26" oil/metal

"testing the water 2"  11"x14" oil/panel