Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ukulele Art

My other addiction: ukulele.
Bought an inexpensive ($40) Makala ukulele, sanded the finish off and painted the image that was in my mind's eye when I looked at it...Thin layers of acrylic paint, a shellac finish and it still sounds decent..Still want to have a cleaner finish, no brush marks, no blobs, but need to take the strings off and spend some time sanding and polishing...Right now I am having too much fun playing it..
Got great advice from Mike Da Silva, uke builder extraordinaire!
All I need is the patience.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Foam, foam on the Range...

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

I just finished clearing out my studio to prepare for new lighting installation..(Hopefully it will help on the foggy, or rainy days and at night... ) Sawing, sheetrock, paint, and dust don't go well with all the STUFF. Once it was cleared out it was so... light! airy! spacious! clean! Maybe it's time to move the paintings on to a new home....Hmmmmm.
Meantime, I have been painting on a ukulele, which is time consuming but a nice break from the canvas...will post it when I am finished. Back east to Maryland tomorrow for a week to see my mom...