Saturday, August 30, 2008

Painting water

Funny, when people ask me what I paint I say "water", and they usually say, "watercolor?"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Color search

I have to commit to color when I start painting the big least that is what I am telling myself. These were three specific studies done with different color palettes... The top two look like the same color, but are obtained by different mixes.. top is paynes grey, windsor blue... middle is indigo, cadmium yellow pale hue, bottom is ultramarine blue and olive...all have white as part of the mix (duh) Basically i wanted to avoid using the tubed indigo and tried to mix the same color with something else.. think i am close enough. Middle study comes close to the color i want.. bottom is too grey.. Fun figuring out the mixes..
(all are 8x10 on board.)

Wall easel

One of the challenges in painting large is finding the room in my studio..I bought a 48"x60" canvas, only to find I couldn't hang it on the wall (the nails kept falling out) or put it on my cheapo easel. So my husband built me a wall easel.. If he had his way it would have been much more complex. Pulley system, whatever, but I just wanted a simple system so i could hang a canvas and move it around easily. here is the result. The nails are removeable and can be moved up and down the supports. It works perfectly and I love it..

So no more excuses, I had get started. I have to say, this size is a bit daunting, but I managed to complete the underpainting today..probably 16 hours of work, more or less. It will dry quickly in this hot weather we are having, and then I can launch into the real stuff! I'm excited..

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Oil on canvas 30"x40"