Wednesday, July 11, 2012

101 excuses

"foggy morning" oil/canvas, 16"x20"

I am shocked when I see the last time I posted on this blog.. And I believe "Board Meeting" was the last painting I finished. I don't even have the excuse of working on a large painting.. This version of "waiting for waves and wow the water is so beautiful" or "foggy morning" is a larger color version of "grey morning, 2010"  I do have legit excuses, maybe not 101, but a lot.

 I am hoping that because I have been out of the studio and away from work for a couple of months at least, something has been brewing in my mind.. The work of the plateau. It feels like being stuck, but maybe not. Guess I will find out!

I often wonder what it would be like if I was more obsessive and single minded about my work. As it is, there are so many things I enjoy doing, so many different things to explore: art, ideas, music, surfing,  life, etc. that it is always about a segmented mind. At least I finally accept that about myself, knowing it is just how this mind works. And more difficult as i get older to multi-task.