Monday, May 01, 2006

Morning Glass

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OK. Yet another experiment. This time I tried working with an image that I love.. the clear glassy mornings out in the water at Bolinas, surfing with friends. I love being in the water and spending the time waiting for waves surrounded by breathtaking beauty..It is an amazing experience.
I realized the other day that I am actually beginning to be more at ease with the paint. It helps to limit my palette (3 colors+ white) and have more surface to practice blending, etc. ( I did a small study of this image first) As with everything else in my life, it's all about practice! I am learning as I go..I may not know much, but I know more now than when I started.
And as to the photo and the feet.. I have yet to find the best way to take a photo where all the edges are parallel.. or the best environment.. indoor? outdoor? True that I can control the photo with my camera on a tripod, but it's too much work, plus I would never post anything if I did it that way.. So, toes, doormat, what the heck...You can always click on the photo and zoom in if you want...

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xola said...

Mary - your painting is beyond beautiful and flows and glides into the realm of the infinite blue mind. The angle of the land and the board, the swirling smoothness of the water and the wonderful figure that so stands out in that soft world. All the shades and shapes are just mesmerizing. Yes, I'm at least very happy now, as I'm sure the woman on the board will be for whatever is the opposite of eternity!

PS the toes must stay - a completely different art piece. Allows me to put my feet in the frame and stare and stare and feel a part of the experience.

Brava! to the max!