Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Let go and ....flow

There should be a way that I can write "flow" in the way that I am feeling it now.. I can say it, but somehow, "floooooooow" just doesn't do it..
I am in the third day of working on a new painting.. It is long and horizontal and is meant to be a view from water level, that is, I am in the water, looking out over the seascape from sea level, not above.. Picture a camera half in and half out.. I have had this idea in my head for ages, but have never been able to get the right perspective with a camera (not having a water housing for my digital camera) .. I ended up looking at a surf film shot that way and did some sketches to start me off..
First I just went for it, blocked in the areas of dark and light, just using payne's grey and white.. Yesterday after "working" in the water, (in between the meager waves) that is, really being observant of color, light, etc, I returned home and painted a second time, establishing the sky reflected in the surface.
When I saw it this morning , it was all wrong...Instead of doing some essential errands (like buying food for my family) and my morning exercise, I started to just paint... 3 1/2 hours later, I dragged myself away to write this and to eat something.. And also, walk away from the piece. When I left, it was really coming together.. so amazing.. I hope it looks as good when I return..
I find myself starting to rely less and less on photographic reference, and accuracy, and just going for it. And it usually happens when I make a mistake or just give up on something.. um, I think it's called "letting go."
I sure do enjoy the feeling of flow when it happens... and to think it's possible to live our lives flowing over, around and through the obstacles that we encounter on the way.. mostly of our own making.

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Heidi Fuller said...

Obstacles. A state of mind. Nothing is in our way. Like water. Water always finds its way. We are water. Be the water...