Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another sitting surfer

I've always been attracted to the image of a surfer sitting, waiting for waves. Usually this happens when I am also waiting, and have more time to turn my attention to observation mode, instead of just being on the lookout for the next wave. This particular day was beautifully calm and clear...and I was able to walk out in the water afterwards with my camera without fear of getting it wet.
This is a study ( 8"x10") for a larger painting. I didn't know if I had enough visual info to be able to paint the girl, as a black wetsuit just looks black in a photo (no shadows or highlights) .. so tried it on a small scale. I sure wish I knew more about color, and painting..


Lorenzo said...

Great painting. Having been in the water a lot myself, you have captured the color, lighting and texture of the ocean. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

The 8x10 oil study from April 18th's post is incredible. The composition is really interesting, while remaining simple. You said you wanted to better understand color. Take a look at He has been writing a lot about color recently, and it may answer some of your questions.

Anonymous said...

what I love about this painting is that you don't need to see the sun in the sky to know that the sun is a major part of this sitting experience. The dots of light reflecting off the little disturbances in the water. If I were to guess, based on my own fond memories of water play, it's getting towards mid-day. The sun is high and the surfer can feel it on her face. Or at least feel it in the absence of fog-cold. There's a bit of a glare that might even be strong enough to sting the eyes. I'm not a surfer and therefore never been in the position the sitter is in. But that light tells me all I need to know. Mary's light usually does.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
I'm so grateful to you for sharing your work with us. I've been painting outside lately for the first time in 50 years - and the ocean is deeply daunting to me. I painted out and repainted the water 5 times on Wednesday. My prayers for finding awesome water paintings have been abundantly answered! - Sue

Unknown said...

I will put this paint in my facebook account !
few words...
so much emotion.
I agree with you tell about ''the moment'' , when I do surf for me it is important time to look at the horizon and catch!
Beautiful comment on your blog I loved it!