Thursday, May 08, 2008

Magnolia Gallery

Theresa Ryan, framer and creative person extraordinaire, offered to hang some of my paintings in the front window of her framing gallery... If you local readers are passing by downtown Larkspur, Magnolia Ave, check it out!

Very interesting glasss reflections..and yes, that is 200 pounds of sand on the floor..


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I wish I could see the collection in person! Sheila

Anonymous said...

hello mary,
your paintings of water are the best that ive seen.
i read that you wanted to know more about painting, so here is a link:

that gives you step by step instructions on the method of painting used by the northern rennaisance masters. the reason ive given it to you is that the method gives paintings depth, luminosity and smoothness, which i imagine is just what you want for painting water.

take care,

Anonymous said...


Great to see your work again!

You may recall that we bought one of your works, "Lemons"..For years 10 years now we've enjoyed it in our Palm Hill home.

But, we are now in Japan and are headed to Bali next week.

Mary, do you have suggetsions on an affordable beach place, quiet, good for surfing but relatively close to markets..? It's just us two; we'll probably be there for a week, or longer, before moving on to Ubud.. Any ideas?

Keep up the good work and give our regards to Theresa Ryan..

Larksperians on world tour,

Fran and Johnny Prewitt