Monday, December 01, 2008


(oil on board 8"x10")
This small painting is for a woman I surf with who was interested in one of my earliest "board-in-the-water" paintings. Instead of the generic white board, the stylistic ocean (limitations of using acrylics), and my lack of experience at the time, I offered to do a "portrait of her favorite board,"Greenie". It was fun to see the difference..


Anonymous said...

the board has some essential life to it, I can't tell why. It's confident, I think. Lucky friend.

Surf Sister from Cazadero said...

I am the woman Mary painted this for. Mary caught the essense of why I love greenie. The power of green as a healing color and the suttle power of Mother Ocean has on me. This is an honor to see my board in the results of Mary's instinctual ability of magic once her brush touches the canvas. It
is the extension of her relation ship with Mother Ocean that comes out on canvas and in her life.

Unknown said...

As a painter, I myself am very interested in the POV perspective. I'm actually hoping it will be something I'm known for.

Anyway, the water in this is fantastic! Water is tricky, and I love how you did it! Water droplets are a nice touch too!