Friday, May 29, 2009


I stopped this painting midway when I had to go back east when my Dad passed away...finished it when I returned..
Oddly enough, I couldn't take an accurate photo of it as every photo turned blue...Only when I put it against the yellow wall with no zoom was the color accurate. Must be some setting on the camera I have yet to understand..Can't crop too close either as it is blurry...Too bad my perfectionist leanings don't extend to this blog.. otherwise the photos I take would be a lot different...Being impatient isn't very helpful either..


Ma Fray said...

Hi Mary, Amazing the way you put the light on the water in that painting. It is breathtaking.....and so difficult to do! Off to Evanston on Tuesday, home Sunday. Let's walk after that. xx Joan

vincent basham said...

Hi Mary i came across your art on the internet and i have to say how fantastic i think it is, i also paint and my passion is also the sea, if you would like to view my work you can visit my web site at iwould value your comments, i look forward to hearing from you kind regards Vince