Saturday, September 05, 2009

Take chances, make mistakes!

Started out really well on this painting, thinking that I had really learned a lot in my understanding of water and form, then totally lost it as I put the final layers on.. Trying out new colors... Too much time and distractions between times at the easel...Ruined the painting. What the heck.. I went at it with a rag and Gamsol, then sanded the whole canvas.. The result looks like an ash storm.. kinda cool..
So now I am paying a bit more attention to all the varying nuances of blue in my oil tubes... Getting the color results I want continues to be a huge challenge, not yet successful..
The good news is that I am still engaged with this painting of water..As long as it continues to be a challenge, as long as I don't understand it, as long as I question what and how, I keep returning..
The painting is still on my easel and I have been doing a lot of art in the studio... but haven't touched my oils.. It is intimidating, and the weight of not knowing what to do with it is heavy. But I want to work on it at least before I start something new....

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Anonymous said...

you could save it with a blue interference wash over it?