Monday, September 26, 2011

The last one

I took a "staycation" last week, surfed almost every day, enjoyed our "summer" weather, clear calm warm, and nice waves..When the waves weren't good, it was just so darn nice being in the water I just paddled around, or sat on my board..stayed out with no "have to go home and work" voice in my head.. However, I am always looking looking when I am out there. Even surfed in a red tide one day.. They should call it "burnt sienna tide" and it only was that color when the sun shone on it.. 
  At home I stayed out of the studio, didn't think about painting .. I can feel the energy of something that wants to find it's way onto a canvas, just need to be patient about it..  Just like these past days, the waves have been good but I need to be patient and let them come to me , which they eventually do... 
  Ah, the things I learn from surfing.... 

"prussian sea" 16"x20" oil/canvas
"Prussian Sea" is the last of the 16"x20" series.. "Prussian " refers to the color of the oil paint I used..

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