Thursday, April 19, 2012


remains of the day
Many thanks to Gail Biddle ( as well Shelby, Laurel J, Brock, and Brenda) who supplied me with some great ideas for names. Out of that process, somehow this came to mind...

"remains of the day"


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary

My name is Connie. I'm 54, 55 in August. I rented a beach house this year(March 2012) on the remote coast of Ecuador. 3 km north of the surfing village Montanita. I went there to learn to surf. It was crazy. The water was 83 and the air temp was 85. beach my house was 10 miles long. The village was Olon. I brought my 25 year old nephew with me. The only way it could have been better would be to go with a group of women interested in surfing, beach combing and relaxing. I am happy to find your blog.


Unknown said...

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