Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Garage door

Our garage door, which is not a functioning garage, has been in need of a major paint job for at least 4 years now. My husband has intended every year to remove it and built a solid garage door-like wall in it's place, so I have been looking at chipped and peeling paint for all that time. I have also threatened to paint graffiti on to encourage removal of the door.. So, at last, plans have been drawn up, we have an estimate and a contractor lined up, so I decided it is now or never.. It was a lot of fun, such a relief from the painting I usually do.. plus haven't gotten any complaints from the neighbors... Hopefully we can remove it in one piece and someone will want it.. 

plastic from a fake flower found on the sidewalk

Temporary door


Ma Fray said...

I love it! Move over, Kanagawa!

wutznot2lyke said...

WOW...not only Kanagawa...but COWABONGA! When can you do my garage door?