Saturday, October 13, 2012


I feel a sensation in my mind that is the forerunner of an image that wants to appear.. Have been living with it for a time now, but it is getting stronger.. So what do I do?  Clean up the studio. Update my records. Clear the path so I have no more excuses for not making the jump to putting it down.. It's going well..

Found this unpublished post while cleaning up my blog drafts:

"Whom am I painting for? Every once in a while I lose track of why I paint.. The showing and selling side of being an artist is my least favorite part..but I feel I have a obligation to share my work as well as assume some fiscal responsibility.."


Rosemary said...

I live in British Columbia and have just read about you on the Oprah website, looked you up and absolutely love your paintings, especially turbulence, they come from spirit, of that I have no doubt. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

namaste - beautiful work and studies of life. form, energy, movement, temporality.

curious about the sepia underpainting. could you explain? also, how do you reference the source photos in the paintings? grid, projection, etc?

is there a site with prices and availability for your work?

thank you, and for your work and vision.
peace be with you.