Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Turbulence ll

In finishing this larger and in color  ( many shades of green grays ) version of "Turbulence"( which was grey and white)  I remembered something I had forgotten.. Almost every image I paint, I choose because I have some emotional  attachment to some aspect of water... In the beginning I was just trying to understand what light and movement do to water/waves.. Now I see something and gasp. And the feeling stays with me.. Then comes the task of trying to convey that feeling in paint..

So I was really excited to hang this on my wall today... It replaces a calm wave painting that left for a new home at the end of last year. Now I just want to sit back on my sofa and stare at it... ( As if I haven't been staring at it for the past 2 months...)

Celebrated with a great morning paddle in Bo, sun shining through the fog, calm and glassy, Pelicans, Brandt's geese, seals, loons, fog show, good conversations with a surf buddy and to top it all off, rideable and fun small waves appearing out of the flat sea...

"Turbulence ll" 36"x36" oil/canvas

In place/scale

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