Friday, October 18, 2013

It's like this....

"freefall" 8"x10"  oil/board
My eyes have been glued to the color of the transparent lip of a wave the second before it falls over. Color changes, this view is on a clear sunny day. Backlit.

"line-up" 12"x36" oil/canvas

Have been meaning to get this image out of my head and on canvas for a long time. Figures in a landscape.  Again, I never get tired of seeing this.

"lost at C"  16"x20"  oil/canvas
Long story behind this, but here's the short one: I wanted to paint a "camera lens" view- half submerged. What image, if any, should be below? Diver? Octopus? Shark? Fish? Somehow this is what appeared. Why it is a ukulele is the long part of the story...

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