Tuesday, February 18, 2014


 Finished this a while back but haven't been able to shoot good pics.. weather too nice!  So will make do with these. Even with the annoying uneven tones.

"Presence" was a continuation of a study of this amazing glassy blue water done from the POV of being practically at the water level.  I painted these on smooth hard surfaces, the most recent being some kind of metal. I love the smooth surface and it felt so appropriate for these paintings. I would love to paint a series of those, and just hang them at eye level around a room so one has the feeling of being in the water.. Maybe a shower head on the ceiling, sound of waves piped into speakers.. in the desert, a booth/art experience in burning man.. whoa, got carried away.. still...

"presence" 16"x26" oil/metal

"testing the water 2"  11"x14" oil/panel

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