Friday, July 18, 2014

Dry Spell

 The relaxing break I decided to give myself after #100, turned into a long stretch of not painting. No inspiration, no desire, no discipline.. Trying to be patient with it and see what it's all about.  Maybe I'm done? The last time I felt like this I stopped the pastel paintings I had been doing for ten years or so,  tried a lot of different things, and then water appeared.. first in the form of drawing, then acrylics, then oils. Hence a body of work.
Most of my paintings are seeking to understand water,  based on what I am constantly exposed to. A few "surfy" paintings , because I love seeing people in the water.  A lot of  trying to capture how I feel when I encounter chin dropping beauty.  I also don't like to repeat the same images, which really limits me. I like being surprised, astonished. 
So I finished this little painting this week.. Maybe I am tumbling too.. hopefully that means moving forward, and maybe even reforming.. Guess I will find out. Stay tuned. 

"holy roller"  oil/panel 8"x10" 


Unknown said...

I'm glad that Stephanie reminded me to look at your blog. Beautiful, perfect glassy water. Maybe when we actually start to achieve that which we strive for, it's normal for a huge "what's next?" to follow.

Unknown said...

Gosh! That is your own creation? I though at first that was a photo, lol)) You are really a talented person. I should tell my friends from about your blog.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful ! Keep painting ! It is inspiring ! (Your work )