Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Surface Matter(s)

After staring at this on my studio wall for almost 2 months, it is "done"..
It was a fun process working with this image, covering the canvas, working on it right side up, upside down, sideways, a small area at a time, everything at once.. Always learning. The challenge was making it work (for me) .. Noticing how the image is realistic and abstract at the same time..
One of the things I love about painting water is that it is such a fluid process..(no pun intended) Observation, painting, decisions.. Flow. Something mysterious is at work here. if I knew what it was I would write about it.

"Surface Matter(s)" oil, 4'x3'

In the studio


xola said...


Heidi Fuller said...

If I could dream about waves, I'd like them to be these. The one in "Up to Three Colors and White (Feb 23 posting) is delicious. Alive! It moves without moving. I want to touch it. I don't surf, but it makes me want to. Mary, I'm awed. I hope to write like you paint.

Unknown said...

Incredibly beautiful work.

A Genuine joy to stare into.


Roezelt Jordaan said...

Absolutely inspiring !!

One day when I grow up, hopefully I will be able to achieve the same level of proficiency!!


Dave said...

You did a wonderful job with the water. I was googling water surfaces, and yours was the best- but since it is a painting, I will have to look further for something 'less copyrighted' : )