Saturday, July 21, 2007

Middle Ground

My work has been following me around. This new charcoal drawing has accompanied me on many trips.. I clip it to some foam core, throw my materials in a bag and whenever the moment presents itself, it is there to work on.. I have worked on it in Inverness and while scanning about 4000 slides (in progress) these past few weeks.. I can pick it up and just do a bit at a time. One of the things I like so much about drawing is the ease and portability of the materials. It was really fun to get back to this series. I really love the well as the black and white..

And at the same time, I finally completed another water painting.. I had a hard time with the photo, hence the easel shot..In the painting process, the hardest part for me is when the painting is almost finished, but I see all sorts of areas that need working on just a bit more..It could go on forever... Minor stuff, but important to me.. ah the perils of a perfectionist.. I can just never get it right... which is good in a way because it motivates me to keep trying.. hopefully on the next painting.. Here I discovered that Gamlin Payne's grey is bluer than the same color from Windsor Newton.. Which works well for me.

oil 30"x40"


xola said...

I would never have thought an image of the sea in black and white could be so emotionally and visually satisfying. It seems that color should be the dominant element.

But your charcoal drawings invite me to look more closely at the movement, the variations in shapes and the elegance of an ocean wave.



Wow. That looks real.

Anonymous said...

beautiful ;-)

Momentum 8 Studio said...

i really like these. can you tell me where to find more images?