Thursday, August 02, 2007

Playing with old images

Um, just thought I'd add a new/old image since I just returned from a week on the right coast and haven't returned to the studio yet.. Many thanks for those of you (Carol, Pat, Sheila) who took the time to visit this blog.. That's what it is about for me, sharing with friends.. This is just two different pieces of art, put together.. the things one can do with a computer! Probably approx 3'x6'.. It's so hard getting started again after a break.. especially if I'm already working on something...OOOP! Off I go!

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xola said...

Mary, glad to see you back!

Combining these images is brilliant (000000000 - this is a contibution by Taz - I concur!) Buddha rise/Buddha set.

I can also imagine this painting in charcoal.

Heidi Fuller said...

Mary, we have some catching up to do. I'm moved by the charcoal piece "Middle Ground," is that what you call it or is that the title of your blog post? It speaks to me. I also read through some of your old posts, and found so much similarity between my experiences as a writer and yours as an artist. Especially in the need to revise. Never feeling finished. For me, every day that I sit down to write, I have eight or ten ideas for edits to previous pages. I've now started a log just to tell myself what I will edit LATER!! have fun!

Mary Daniel Hobson said...

Hi Mary,

I've tagged you for a meme. Check it out at

All best wishes with you great work!

xola said...

I got you first!! You are one of the few bloggers I know sooooo.....You've been memed again. Lucky you.

possum said...

Hi Mary, Pat told me of your blog today and I found it! I love your work! (SHe said I would.) Now I will have to find the time to go back thru your archives.
Looking forward to looking back...