Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I am finally getting close to whatever color it is I see in the water with this study.. Thanks to a tube of cerulean blue that I received for my birthday in June..If you look in the archives, you may be able to see how far this painting is from the previous studies..especially July 2006...

The new paint helped, as well as a year(!) of experimenting...but as valuable is the time I sit in the water, looking, looking, looking.. and then trying to remember what it is that I saw when I am in front of a blank canvas..


Jereme Monteau said...

Mary, my jaw dropped when I saw this image! Amazing! Good to see you in the water the other day!

xola said...

Oh my! I see what you mean. This feels so much more complicated - just like being in the light and shadows. And for some reason it seems like there is more motion.

What a lot of looking and experimenting you've done to create this stunning image!

Unknown said...

geeez - this is so cool -
i love the way you wrap your ".....?!!" around the 'image' of water - stunning.
good to see you today!