Sunday, September 09, 2007

Painting, but not THAT kind

Ah, I am SO longing to get back in the studio and start a new painting.. As usual, the activities of the summer, mostly people-oriented, while I have welcomed them with open arms, have not allowed me to continue that important mental continuity it takes to keep me fresh, involved, and on track.. My artists mind works best when my life is uncomplicated... Unfortunately, I'm not one of those artists who can just go work when ever I feel like it.. I need certain conditions so my mind isn't constantly drawn to other life issues.
However, since the end of last month, I have been in the process of painting a condo that my son will be moving into.. an amazing lot of work and not yet finished... so I am counting the is nice to paint for the first day, then a couple of weeks later you wonder if it will ever be finished.. And why isn't he helping? He works all day....
Luckily, I have a drawing in progress. SO when I return to the studio, I won't be totally spinning my wheels... Hope to post a new piece soon!!!


xola said...
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xola said...

And your fans are SO longing for you to get back too!

It would be wonderful to see one of your drawings in progress. Even a small portion to tease our minds. I actually have no idea how you create them.