Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back in the groove... I hope!

Yet again I was knocked out of my "painting groove" ... Lighting installation, the holidays, the surf trip in January, various projects, other things in life, lack of energy (except for surfing) , distracted mind... lots of lame excuses... I did manage to actually finish two paintings:

(No title yet, any ideas?) 18"x36" oil on canvas

"Return" 16"x20" oil on masonite.

A big swell last weekend ( 40'+ waves for the Mavericks contest) ) washed all sorts of driftwood up on the beach..I was like a kid in a candy store! Fortunately, this is all I wanted to carry. I notice yet again that the garage door really needs painting, and hey... I'm a painter... but think I will start with painting stuff on the driftwood... when it dries out... ( setting up for "Return" photo)

My husband built a box to support my son's computer monitor, so it would be at eye level... Beautiful wood and my contribution to this birthday gift was to paint the front drawer. Originally, I was going to have some wood showing (see below) but, well, I just got carried away... Kinda hypnotic, painting all those lines. It is just a perfect resting place for this reclining Buddha... Hopefully Brock will build another one just for it.

In preparation for painting the box.. lots of experiments, acrylic on wood.. above is just one...


xola said...

I 'd say you are definitely back!

xola said...

The collaboration between you and Brock...what a beautiful piece of art.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
these new paintings are awesome. I love that soft wave ("Return") which has such a great reflection on it. bravo,