Thursday, February 25, 2010

New surfboard.. art!

Since I now have a website for my paintings, I thought I would be more relaxed about posting here..

This is my new surfboard, shaped by John Moore of Mystic Surfboards in Santa Cruz. He worked with me to produce this beautiful longboard, for how and where I surf... My input was providing the art and the design/color for what I wanted it to look like.... took me almost a year of thinking about well as quite a bit of time designing and finishing the art..I am not one of those spontaneous "just draw it on the board" types. I have to plan, sketch, do life size studies.. lots of work. Needless to say it looks exactly perfect!
Not only is really fun to ride but now I can really tell if I am on the nose, or not!

When I am riding it, it looks like I am on a giant dreamsicle or 50/50 bar.. Yummy!!!


Earthsurfer said...

It's beautiful Mary! Can't wait to see you on it in the water.

xola said...

Dreamsicle Surfer! Inspired design.